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Why I started Driving Miss Desi

Hi! I am Jamie and the voice behind this site and hopeful mission. This is my husband, Ross, our daughter, Desi, and Great Dane, Coley. Ross and I have been married 9 years and together as a couple for 19 years- I obviously have a thing for consistency. During this time we have lived in Nashville, Atlanta and presently in Huntsville, AL, learning a little bit more about ourselves and our interests each time we moved. 

In school I studied Child Life as an undergrad at Auburn University and received my Master’s in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Montessori Education from Belmont University. Learning how and why others think, and how to implement the best parts of that knowledge, has always been an interest of mine hence my focuses in school. Little did I know the benefit those college years would be until Desi was born and shortly after diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. It isn’t coincidence. 


I stay home with Desi full time and started this space as a helpful outlet to share items I find interesting, or beneficial, in this unplanned journey as a family.


When Desi was diagnosed our clinic told us ‘Do not google cystic fibrosis or search on social media’. I faithfully listened and at 5-6 months old I ventured out. I searched #cysticfibrosis on Instagram. Everything I saw was overwhelming and I immediately felt myself go into a dark and unconfident space. Posts were filled with oxygen tubing, hospital beds, everyone was older and seemed to be struggling. I immediately felt “I can’t do this. I don’t know what I am doing. How do I navigate all this?!”

But once I stepped back I thought to myself- these folks are 18-25 years old (mostly) and didn’t immediately start out life this way. I couldn’t find any younger children or family to watch and learn from. I thought to myself- Desi won’t immediately be on oxygen immediately, she will lead a normal life and slowly things may change but I WILL learn. So I decided to give a voice to the missing young population. To show cystic fibrosis inside clinical walls but also climbing rock walls and park slides and biking outside. So that any other family that comes after me sees HOPE and PROMISE in this life. I want a balance of life about CF and life lived to the fullest!

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If you have a topic or item of interest you would like to see here, let me know! Email TeamDrivingMissDesi@gmail.com , I'd love to hear your thoughts!

So, thank you, thank you for the acceptance and encouragement I feel here. I appreciate you having me! 

For a cure,


2017 in Highlands, NC



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