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Car Emergency Kit + Cystic Fibrosis care

Updated: Sep 3, 2019


for Cystic Fibrosis Care ||

#cfmomhacks coming at you. I had a fellow CF parent recently comment “You always seem to have it all together...” Let me shout this from the rooftops— I DO NOT have it all together (No one does.) but *occasionally* I do think ahead and have several layers of preparedness to save me from myself, I guess.

For Example: The other day I felt like I had it somewhat together and I was quickly reminded how valuable these layers of preparedness are in this life as a parent of a child with #cysticfibrosis.

Desi, Coley the Great and I were on a road trip when I stopped to pick up a snack for Desi and me. After giving her her snack I reached into her diaper bag for her enzyme Tupperware container. I opened the bottle of enzymes only to find ONE piddly pill inside. 😳😬😖

Like I said, typically I *try* and stay ahead of the game but this happens and I try and not flip out but rather pivot (“PIVOT!!!” Said in my best Ross from Friends voice) So, good news in this scenario is that I haven’t completely lost my marbles ::yet:: and had built an emergency kit a week ago so it came in handy here. Desi is 4 years old so the items I have here are tailored for her age needs...

Backstory: I recently traveled with another cystic fibrosis Mum and when I loaded my bags in her car I saw she had a gallon ziplock bag full of disposable masks. I realized I had nothing like it in my car and if Desi’s diaper bag was ever left behind we would really be up a creek. So, when I got back home I thought through all the cystic fibrosis related items we wanted on hand, when out of the house, and put all of those in a ziplock bag and in the back console of the car.



Here are the items we kept in our Emergency Kit so you can build one too:

- Adult disposable masks

- Child size disposable masks

- Disposable placemats x2 (Chic-Fil-A has our favorites)

- Hand sanitizer

- Individual Sani-WIpes

- Gloves for Sani-Wipes

- For infant families: consider adding 3 diapers and a $2 small pack of wipes

- Creon (only enough for 5 doses AND I added a piece of scotch tape with expiration dates marked for each size pill.)

*Fine Print: every grouped item was in its own bag in case anything exploded. For anyone concerned: Yes, Creon is not supposed to be left in the car- however, this is ONLY for when we have nothing else.

If you build a Car Emergency Kit tag a picture and tag me in it at @DrivingMissDesi on Instagram so I can see it! Hopefully, you won't need it but IF you do you will definitely be thankful you had it.

Have something I should add to this list? Let me know!






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