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Drive Miss Desi to a Cure in your hometown

All research advancements that have come to those living with Cystic Fibrosis are because of donations, fundraisers and corporate sponsorships. Cystic Fibrosis is considered an 'orphaned disease' and does not receive government research funding.

There are unlimited possible ideas available when it comes to bringing more funds for research. Here are some ways you can get involved, volunteer and make a difference.

While not everyone can donate, everyone CAN help!

Do you want to help but are unsure where to start? Or have an idea you want to brainstorm? Email us. We are happy to walk through it with you!

Great Strides Walks

Lace up. Walk. Cure.

Every year there are over 400 Great Strides Walks across the country. Driving Miss Desi is a National Family Team and is fortunate to have numerous 'chauffeurs' across the country walking in their hometown.  Each one sharing the goal of Driving Miss Desi, and others living with cystic fibrosis to a CURE!

Click Here to find a walk close to you and then list 'Driving Miss Desi' as your team name.  There are various resources available to help when planning your walk, not to mention a fun team shirt to wear on the day of the event!

We would be honored to have you walk with us! 

Passion Fundraising

What is your hobby?

A passion fundraising event is created when someone is inspired by their favorite hobby or pastime to develop a unique fundraising event or opportunity. Passion fundraising allows participants to elevate their Special Event fundraising efforts by getting friends, family and community involved in a fun, exciting and personal way. 


The CF Foundation passion fundraising website can help bring your event to life. This fundraising tool will help you diversify your fundraising efforts and reach new goals for your team. Whether you are a team leader, team member, individual or virtual participant anyone can start a passion fundraising event! 

The possibilities for a fundraising event are only limited by your imagination. Think simple to start- it doesn't have to be a brand new golf tournament!

Examples we have seen in the past:

- A family who make stellar breakfast burritos had a fundraiser or taking orders from neighbors in their community and one Saturday delivering the burritos to the homes.

- A friend asked her favorite exercise facility to host a charity class.

- A seasonal holiday party turned fundraiser when guests were asked to bring a donation to the event.

- A Georgia fundraiser called Chaptacular is a Chainsaw Carving Bash. The completed sculptures are then sold and all money goes to the CFF.

We are happy to brainstorm and help you!

Pin-Ups in A Business

Shop Local. Support Local.

We have found many businesses are eager to help fund a cause and that Pin-Ups are an easy addition to their everyday routine. 


Pin-Ups are specific pieces of paper stating the cause and a description of what Cystic Fibrosis is.  When a donation is made, the giver then writes their name on the paper and tacks it up on the wall that the retailer has decided on.  It is a visual show of support and uniting of the cause in a community.

All donation money is then sent directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Do you know a business who wants to participate and need pin-ups? Are you a business who would like to offer pin-ups to your customers?



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